teapot treasures

"Having grown my own gourds from seeds and preparing them after harvest, they represent to me the development of a living thing into a work of art through the application of special processes and materials. They are, in short, a union of art and nature." Bill Colligen

you might not be able to pour tea from this richly colored teapot, but i can easily imagine it as a place to stash secret treasures and life-lists. bill colligen's gourd vessels and teapot designs boast intricate engraving, verdigris patinas, inlays of gem stones and gold leaf. this arizona artist is serious about gourds. me? i'm serious about life-lists. i make one every few years, tuck it away somewhere safe and then happen upon them months or years later. nice gentle way to check in with myself and see if my life is on course with my desires. try it.

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