“I am often asked, "Why purses? Why don´t you make figurines or sculptures?" The reason is because a figurine or sculpture just sits there collecting dust. You aren´t supposed to touch it. But because these purses are functional, you are supposed to touch them, caress them and examine them. Your life is enhanced because it´s wonderful to carry beautiful things around with you and use them. And that is what I want my creations to do.” Kathleen Dustin

o.k. i admit it. i'm drawn to unusual things: people, art forms, points of view. polymer clay is one of those unusual things. around only about fifty years, the medium is now getting the recognition it deserves. a handful of polymer clay artists have emerged (along with the support of a growing polymer clay community) to catapult the medium into the realm of fine art. watch closely folks, this is history in the making.

it is easy to see why kathleen dustin is one of the world's foremost polymer clay artists. her purses are on the cutting edge of wearable art. almost all of her exquisite evening bags incorporate haunting images of women which she sketches and then transfers to the clay.

i've seen her work up close and personal. held a purse like this one. examined it. turned it over in my hands. opened it. closed it. the craftsmanship and artistry is superb, but please don't take my word for it - see for yourself.

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