pinch pot peekaboo

"Long before there was a potter's wheel, a person manipulated clay by pinching it to form a simple bowl. Today, this technique is called Pinch-Pot. To me, the fascinating aspect of working in this way, is the dance; the relationship between the clay and the maker. Without the tool of the potter's wheel, the dance becomes simply about what the clay wants and what the maker wants." Kristin Doner

i'm a curious person. can't help it. and besides, lidded vessels beg to be opened, revealed, exposed. yet ceramic artist kristin doner's massive pinch pots don carefully bound lids, making them just a little bit out of our reach. they bring to mind the mystery of ancient culture and ritual. what lies just beneath that lid? don't you want to peek? i know i do.

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I Love this blog. What a great idea!!
Thanks for the knowledge and insight in to this art.