sensual wood turnings

"These two bowls swirl around each other, touching and separating, sometimes whirling like dervishes and then slowing down. Eventually their dance ends and they rest in tender embrace." Sigfried Schreiber

siegfried schreiber's art offers a deeply gratifying experience, appealing to all of the senses. i find his vessels captivating. had a difficult time deciding which of his works to highlight here. maybe the kinetic vessel universe, with grooves and metal spheres that orbit at different speeds and in opposite directions? or meditative vessel? it hides a secret which can only be discovered by placing it on your lap and exploring it with both hands. but then the lazy bowl that cannot stand upright teases so playfully. hmmmm...decisions, decisions.

i settled on the lovers, because it reminds me of my parents. their love was a beautiful dance. "eventually their dance ends and they rest in tender embrace." yes, this.

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