dusting destiny

"I derive an enormous amount of personal satisfaction from knowing that the wood in the piece I'm creating was most likely destined for the dump" Edric Nalani Florence

i would like to live in the hollow of a decayed tree (hey - i never said i was normal). my boyfriend has gotten used to the yipping and squealing every time we discover a fallen tree in our beloved hudson river valley. treehugger. that would be me. no, really, i've got the pictures to prove it.

i want to climb in, curl up and take a nap in edric nalani florence's english yew root hollow vessel. a self taught wood turner for 26 years, florence only uses wood he picks up from the ground. he pays homage to the dense woods of his southwestern pennsylvania roots by turning each decayed piece of wood into an elegant vessel.

oh edric, how about a lifesize vessel? pretty please?

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