character traits

"I like characters. The dancer in the back row not paying attention… the punky girl with the blue hair at the checkout counter, an old Italian woman at the airport with black on black and a beautiful red umbrella. They are everywhere and yet never seen. They are life’s little stories being told all over simultaneously and without a big commercial. The ongoing circus act of humanity." Laura Balombini

aura balombini celebrates the human condition. balombini's whimsical teapots and handwoven wire vessels capture the playful, quirky character traits in "the ongoing circus act of humanity". wearing curious looks and colorful cloaks, harlequin-like polymer clay figures sit atop handwoven wire baskets. each finely detailed vessel has a distinct personality and i never get tired of looking at them – feels like visiting fanciful characters in a well written story. she describes her work as “devilish fun”. i describe it as a beautiful marriage of wire and polymer.

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