"My spoons are sculptures; my sculptures are spoons, not spoons to stir the soup but spoons to stir the soul." Norm Sartorius

nature is a never ending source of inspiration, yes? i am drawn to the gnarled shapes and craggy textures of roots. i study them. collect them. play with them. my studio is home to roots of all kinds and i often reference them when i'm making a vessel.

spoon artist norm sartorius is another source of inspiration. he crafted the handles of these beauties from roots, and the bowl of the spoons from the burled grain that lives just below the ground. sartorius has been creating fine wooden spoons for more than thirty years, using rare and unusual wood to shape the unique sculptures. woodwork magazine has a lovely cover article about this gentle soul and you can peek inside his workshop here. wow, it's no wonder his work is in eleven major museum collections - i'd say the man's got muscle.

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