spirit vessels

"It is my desire that my Spirit Vessels evoke a sense of sacred space and sacred time. As objects of contemplation, and as musical instruments, the Spirit Vessels are intended to be reminders of the need for balance and harmony in our lives." Robin Hodgkinson

robin hodgkinson has been making music for more than twenty five years, using bamboo, exotic hardwoods, metal tubing and clay. each material has its own voice and he says the best material is really a question of individual taste and mood. the unusual spirit vessels round out a product line that includes simple flutes and ocarinas. the marriage flute pictured here plays a chromatic octave in harmony. the right hand plays the chromatic scale while the left hand plays the 1st, 3d, 5th, and 6th intervals. how refreshing - the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. i'm listening.

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