"I am utilizing the culmination of formal elements and aspects of allusion of corsetry and garters to express sensual softness. My flower boats and vases suggest beauty holding beauty and my boxes, intimacy holding the intimate." Kristen Kieffer

cor·set n. - close-fitting undergarment worn to support and shape the waistline, hips, and breasts.

the corset helps to emphasize a curvy figure by reducing the waist, thereby exaggerating the bust and hips. for some women it is a positively painful experience, but studio potter kristen kieffer has found a way to make corsets sexy again. her corset-shaped flower boats are suggestive, feminine, intimate and rich with soft, sweet curves. try one.

many thanks to amy crawley for this delightful find.

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Wild Angel said...

That is lovely. And somehow appropriate... the 'corset' as a 'vessel'.....