meant to move

"Emotion fills me when I see perfect forms in nature, from the cracked conch shell on the beach revealing its perfect spiral, to the milkweed pod burst in the field, its brilliant airborne seeds streaming into the sunlight. The ordered symmetry and asymmetry of nature’s forms reveal the growth of life, the movement of life." Jennifer McCurdy

martha's vineyard potter jennifer mccurdy relies on translucent porcelain, the influences of the natural world and meticulously carved patterns to create light-shadow messages in her vases, bottles and vessels. i think the absence of color is effective in conveying a feeling of calm and peace. it allows us to concentrate on the form. i can almost hear the rustle of grasses bending in the wind and if i gaze long enough i can see the dancers swaying to the soft sound. and you? what do you see? do tell...

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Anonymous said...

A reaching out and a gathering in.