"Color outside the lines, bend the rules, and think outside the box. It makes life more interesting." Carol Milne

con·tort: to twist, bend, or draw out of shape. aren't we all contortionists in some way? what lengths will you go to conform, to fit in? glass artist carol milne's 'slave to fashion series' incorporates the humor and play on words that almost always accompany her subtly carved sculptures. the shoes carry a strong statement about our penchant for looking good and fitting in at any cost.

the year is coming to a close. this is a good time to reflect: are you living to look good and fit in? are you on a path that makes sense to you or just a path that makes cents? are you stuffing yourself into an ill-fitting life that is decidedly uncomfortable? change is hard but necessary and you could be pleasantly surprised. it might feel oh-so-good. you know, like taking off a pair of tight shoes.

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