"I believe that everyone is capable of changing or touching someone’s life. I feel that everyone deserves a chance, respect and the opportunity to be included in a society. The women of Cia do Lacre and 100 Dimensão might think that they have gotten something from us at ESCAMA, but I think the contrary. I have witnessed, first hand, what makes someone strong, hopeful and resilient. All of that is in their faces, in their everyday lives. I am the one that have gotten something from them!" Socorro Leal Schwiderski

andy krumholz, socorro leal schwiderski and eric pedersen are three friends who had an idea, and they ran with it. as owners of escama, they partner with brazilian women's cooperatives to manufacture handbags from recycled materials. fashionable and functional, the bags are hand crocheted using recycled aluminum pop-tops. the handbag pictured above was made with over 700 pop tops. we hope that this novel concept becomes mainstream very soon. incredible.

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