optical illusion

"I want my work to look old. I love the colour palette I can achieve in copper and brass and gilding metal" Jenifer Wall

jenifer wall creates striking works of art in metal. i had a difficult time deciding which of her pieces to highlight. the unusual bowls and platters? or the evening bags that look like they were formed over a rock? i finally settled on the eyeglass cases because i've never seen eyeglass cases that were so lovely and inviting. reminescent of stones. some as smooth and comforting as worry stones.

the coastline is her inspiration and her description of this craggy muse made me wish i was there: "pebbles and stones from different beaches; rows of battered and worn-down breakwaters, encrusted with tiny stones; crumbling cliffs with slipping layers of strata; a line of quartz running through dark stone." i can see it, can you?

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