off the wall

"When I sit at my table in front of a blank shade or my lighted easel with a chandelier, all thoughts leave me. With no sense of time or place, I just begin to paint. Often, I am the one most surprised when I see the finished glass. I feel that I have given myself to a greater power. I really did not do the painting but, instead, just allowed my higher consciousness to flow." Ulla Darni

ulla darni's wall sconces are created using the ancient style of painting referred to as 'reverse-glass painting'. darni paints her designs on one side of the glass knowing that they will be viewed from the other side. to do this, she paints what appears closest to the viewer (the details and highlights) first rather than last. the image is backwards while painting, because the paint is applied on the backside of the glass. when she finishes painting, the glass is turned over and viewed through the other side.

darni's chandeliers, her signature pieces, are owned by royalty and celebrities alike. beautiful designs, bold use of color. light up your life.

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