defining shirk

"The landscape and my response to it have strongly influenced my holloware for the last 15 years. In each piece I try to create the feeling of sensuousness, strangeness, and vitality that I find in the natural world. I enjoy the challenge of physically manipulating metal, of constructing the three dimensional object and then manipulating its mood with color to suit my intention." Helen Shirk

shirk: to avoid work or duty. a definition that doesn't even remotely fit renowned san diego university art professor helen shirk. shirk hammers copper into intriguing holloware vessels. inspired by plant forms and life cycles, she uses prismacolor pencils to color the pod like vessels, adding patina as a finishing touch. now retired, she taught at sdu for more than thirty years, most recently as the head of the jewelry/metals program. shirk created a body of work that has garnered her numerous awards including a fulbright grant and two national endowment for the arts grants.

time for a new definition. shirk: the ability to create spectacular vessels that celebrate nature. yes, this.

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