“The ocean and the sense of peace I feel when on the water helps to center my being and bring out the creativity from within. I catch my own albacore and use their pectoral fins along with monofilament to create my vessel forms. In working with the bones, I feel I am weaving life back into the fish, experiencing their migratory path throughout the world, and sending them on a new journey as another form. This, in turn, sends me on travels of remembrance of the joys and tribulations of each adventure at sea.” Gerri Johnson McMillin

fishbones. gerri johnson mcmillin makes delicate, gossamer baskets using fish fins and monofilament. take a look, they are just lovely. maybe not seaworthy, but certainly see-worthy. i would like to be a fly on the wall of her imagination for two minutes. enough said. fin-ish.

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