silver linings

“I weave contemporary vessels in contemporary times using materials gathered from both ancient grounds and castoff domestics” Shannon Weber

embracing life - the good, the bad and the ugly - has paid off for self-taught basket artist shannon weber. she began weaving baskets as a diversion when her children were still babies. years later, the fishing lodge that she and her husband owned flooded when a pipe burst, bringing more than just tragedy to her door. the insurance adjuster quickly fell in love with her lively baskets and he happened to have connections to a highly reputable crafts market. when he invited her to show her work, she recognized the opportunity and her career was launched. a few years ago weber was in a debilitating auto accident. as she grappled with another difficult life experience she shifted priorities and direction, spending some time reorganizing her life and art and coming back strong once again.

the common denominator in moving this talented weaver's career ahead might be dark clouds, but don't discount weber's soul-shifting ability to laugh out loud and jump into the fray. after all, 'it started with a giggle.'

the link to this living-life-out-loud-artist comes from toby goldsmith.

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shannon weber said...

Thank you Toby Goldsmith for posting my work. What a wonderful site. "It started with a giggle" the platter posted. Is imaged with a doodle man I have been drawing for years when i talk on the phone. When weaving this piece it just screamed send in doodle man!! So...I pulled out the canvas and started painting then stitched 3 doodles down the face of the work.It has inspired a series of doodles living on works. Thank again for showing my work. I'll send the vistors. xox, shannon weber