journey to destiny

"What do I do? I put a soul into every piece I create. I don’t make objects; I create characters. If the viewers can pick up on that soul, I’ve accomplished it. Creating figurative and abstract imagery on delicately pierced wood vessels opens the doors for me to share my life and interests. There was a period of time that I looked through the window and asked myself the question, "What is it like on the other side of that window?" I then just let my imagination go." Binh Pho

binh pho tried four times before successfully escaping from vietnam in 1979. he is no stranger to perseverance and persistence - attributes that served him well as he studied woodturning in his adopted country. the painstakingly etched and painted details on these vessels tell the stories of his life. they are an original fusion of traditional asian and contemporary art. intriguing.

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