carpet burns

“My ambition is to have a happy team of carpet-burners working together to divert carpet waste from landfill and change the way the carpet industry operates.” Kelly Atkins

yesterday's post started me on a roll with sustainable design - here's one more:

i've done it. you've probably done it too. ironed on the floor when you couldn't find an ironing board. when kelly atkins was in college, she left the iron on the floor and burned the carpet. she didn't cuss (like i would have done) or cry (maybe like you?). instead, she became fascinated by the hard, plastic feel of the burned carpet and she spun that happy accident into three years of research, a line of products and ultimately a desire to change the world. she holds the european
patent on a material that keeps faulty and end of the line carpet stock out of landfills. part of a growing trend in green building and sustainable design. check out the pocket books, magazine holders, planters, trays, coasters and other items made with the material here and here.

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