6000 poppy seeds

"How can anyone possibly imagine what 6000 of anything looks like, let alone people. What would 6000 names struck from the pages of a phonebook look like? What would it look like in terms of their handprints, their footprints, in terms of the number of people that miss them? It's like nothing we can imagine. This was my attempt to imagine." Bird Ross

i like the way bird ross thinks. and the way she interprets ordinary materials. in 2001, as we grappled with the impact of 911, she set out on a path to try to understand this enormous tragedy and her profound 6000 project is the result. on the opposite end of the spectrum, her grapefruit skin vessel series will make you smile and the paper vessels that she makes from maps will make you wish you were back in school (well, almost...). yes, i like the way bird ross thinks.

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