the clash

"My work is inspired by my love of nature and the outdoors. The quest for each stone is part of the intrigue and the integral piece of the process of transformation that each rock undergoes. I transform each rock into something not intended by the forces of nature, a container of mementos, ceremonial cups, commemorative jewelry and the ritual of tea making. The work references memorial ceremonial rituals in our lives." Julie Jerman-Melka

colorado metalsmith julie jerman-melka carves river rocks, often pairing them with semi-precious or precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, sapphires and garnets to create her jewelry and commemorative vessels . the work has a distinctive, organic feel and she describes this coupling of materials as "a clash between the intrinsic and what is perceived as precious or valuable".

for the locket above, jerman-melka carved a pocket in the stone and added garnet, agate, pearls, fine silver and sterling silver. strong, yet delicate. rough but soft. feminine, with a touch of tomboy.


Kim Cavender said...

Exquisite and drool-worthy!

sari0009 said...

Definitely drool-worthy. I'm very taken by it.